Your Ultimate Guide to OUR Window Painting Services

At The Sash & Case Painting Co we understand that embarking on a window painting project can generate a lot of questions. From how long the process will take to the types of paint we use, we've got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

Our FAQ section aims to address all your queries, offering you a comprehensive understanding of our services. If there's anything else you're curious about, feel free to get in touch.

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If they are new windows in ready-to-paint condition, we aim to paint three sides per painter per day. For large windows or those that need extensive preparation before painting, a fair assumption is two sides per day per painter.

Our aim, once you have accepted our estimate, is to be in a position to commence within one calendar month. However, we are happy to book you in well in advance, depending on your requirements.

Yes, to a certain extent, painting is weather-dependent. We wouldn’t attempt to paint your windows if rain was falling on them. However, unless the rain is accompanied by strong winds, it rarely stops us from working completely. There is usually preparation work we can undertake in such circumstances to move things along.

The paint we use for the exterior of the windows is ZINSSER ALLCOAT, which is, in our well-educated opinion, the best paint on the market for Sash & Case windows. According to their website and the information on the paint tins, it has a coverage lifespan of 15 years. Please have a look at our learning hub for more details on the products we use.

Yes, we can accurately match any paint in any finish you currently have. Paint can fade over time due to sunlight and other factors, but with the latest colour-matching software available, we can get a very accurate match to the existing colour, not just the colour that was originally applied.

While we generally focus on painting Sash & Case windows, we are more than happy to provide an estimate for painting window surrounds and shutters. We can also paint the front and back doors of your property if you’re interested.

We will place dustsheets over the flooring and any furniture in the room we are working in to minimise dust from sanding. While some dust may evade the dustsheets, we come equipped with our own vacuum cleaners and guarantee to leave your room in the same condition we found it in.

Our painters work on Sash & Case windows daily and are exceptional at it. However, in rare cases due to very warm or humid conditions, the paint can stick between the window sashes and the parting beads. If this does happen, we will return and unstick the windows without damaging the paintwork, free of charge.

Yes, we have portable, sealed dust extractors, compatible electric sanders, and sanding pads that catch 95% of the dust created during pre-paint sanding. This dust is vacuumed into the airtight dust extractor and responsibly disposed of once we have left your property.

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