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  • The Sash and Case Painting Co

    Traditional Sash and Case windows have been a part of Scottish architecture since pulleys and weights were first added to timber framed windows in the 17th century. Being such an iconic feature, we know how important it is for the proprietors of traditional Scottish buildings to maintain their sash and case windows and keep them looking at their best.

    Traditional Sash and Case windows
  • Made to last

    Sash and Case windows can last well over 100 years when maintained properly. The most important aspect of achieving the maximum life span from the windows is the protection offered by regular painting. We have a wealth of experience in maintaining and decorating sash and case windows.

    We work closely with our sister company The Sash and Case Restoration Company, we are of course their recommended painters but we also work for many other leading companies. We are usually brought in after restoration work is finished but we also carry out a whole range of painting work. Sometimes working on brand new sash windows or sometimes units older than the Forth Railway Bridge!

    South Queensferry
  • Maintaining a strong presence in Edinburgh, sash and case windows are the staple of our profession and represent a large proportion of the work we carry out. Our experience and commitment and the high-quality materials we use guarantee a great and long-lasting finish. We use the best of products on the market including micro porous paints that repel water and allows the wood underneath to breathe, therefore eliminating blistering and cracking. When applied by us the paint can have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

    We offer the most experienced and high-quality Sash and case window decorating service in Edinburgh. We are Qualified and dedicated and will maximise the protection on your windows, resulting in overall lower maintenance costs.

    sash and case windows